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Cleaning a carpet is not always an easy task. You not only have to clean the surface of spots, spills, and dirt, but you also need to see to it that the carpet is free from undesirable odors that might have attached themselves to it. One kind of smell that quite often has to be taken care of is cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke odors can easily be prevented by simply not smoking in your home or allowing others to do so. Cigarette smell in carpet can be an extremely unpleasant environment to be around, and even if you, as a smoker, don’t mind it, your visitors to your home just might. Fortunately, eliminating this kind of odor from your carpet is really not that tough as long as you follow a few standard techniques.

So, what is the best way of removing cigarette odor from your carpet? Here’s an idea on how you can remove that unwanted, lingering smell from your carpet.

To get rid of cigarette smoke smells from your carpet you are going to require a lot of baking soda. This is a great product for eliminating odors from numerous things such as carpets, refrigerators, and other items in your home, such as sports bags. Baking soda has the ability to absorb odors easily.

Removing Cigarette Odor From Your Carpet

Next, you are going to liberally spread the baking soda over the odorous carpet. You may want to use an empty talcum powder container, or any type of container with numerous small holes at the top for openings, to perform this task. Make sure you spread an ample, even layer all over, ensuring to pay very close attention to the locations where most of the smell is emanating from.

When you have sprinkled a charitable layer of baking soda over your carpet, utilize a stiff bristled brush to spread out the baking soda equally. You want to get the baking soft deep into the weave of the carpet.

The following day you simple need to vacuum the carpet a few times to pull out the baking soda, and with that the cigarette odor should also be removed.

If you are smoker, this is a task you should perform fairly often so that the smell of cigarettes doesn’t linger in your home, even during the times you aren’t smoking.

There are commercial products that also perform this task, but baking soda is a remedy that has been tried and test over time, and seems to work well for most people.

If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, you could employ the services of a professional carpet cleaning company to do this for you.

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