Carpet Cleaner Daphne, Alabama

. As much as two thirds of the dust and dirt in our homes is tracked in on our feet. Make sure you have rugs inside and outside your doors, ideally long enough to come in contact with your shoes for several footsteps. Vacuum the mats frequently. Shoes off, please! Taking your shoes off as you enter your home is even more effective than doormats at keeping dirt out. Make shoe removal convenient by putting a bench or chair near the door. Cover it up. Small mats or rugs on top of the floor in heavily trafficked areas reduce wear and tear, extending the life of the material. Clean up spills immediately. To prevent ground in dirt and stains, vacuum dry spills right away and blot (don’t rub) wet spills with an absorbent cloth. Vacuum often, Frequent vacuuming, especially in high-traffic areas, keeps top dirt from working its way deeper into the fibers, where it can be harder to remove. Always vacuum before a deep cleaning for maximum effectiveness. Try simple solutions. To deodorize floors, instead of buying a “freshener” that may be laden with synthetic fragrances and other chemicals, sprinkle baking soda over the floor, let it stand for half an hour, and then vacuum it up. Ask the manufacturer. When you’re ready for a deep cleaning, check with the manufacturer for cleaning recommendations. -

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