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A lot of individuals prefer to have carpet in their houses as part of the decor, but maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of these carpets are part of the price we have to pay for having this comfort. So in this blog post we will be discussing how can you dry your carpet after it has been washed.


First you will need to get a lot of towels that you will use to absorb as much of the excess moisture from the carpet as possible. You will need to wring out the towels frequently, to remove the water you have removed. Do this over the complete carpet.

You then need to provide as much air flow as possible to the room where the carpet lays. Open all the windows and doors in the room, and if you have access use electric fans to keep the air in the room moving as much as possible. Try not to walk on the carpet during this process, but if you have to then walk barefooted or with socks – don’t wear outside shoes.

Finally once the carpet is dry you will need to vacuum your carpet thoroughly.

It’s very important to remove as much moisture from your carpets as possible to prevent mold and possible health issues for you and your family! With this in mind, if your carpets are flooded and you accidentally apply too much water during cleaning, it is advisable for you to contact a professional clean up company so they can use industrial blowers and heaters to properly dry your carpets.

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