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Removing bleach stains from your carpet has traditionally never been an easy task. When bleach is used to clean other stains from your carpet, it can actually cause more damage instead of fixing the problem. In fact some carpet materials so delicate that bleach can harm irreparable damage.

However, if you have actually harmed your carpets with bleach, you don’t necessarily have to replace it. Follow these tips, and you might be able to cover up those bleach stains from your domestic or office carpets.

Here are a couple of ideas that you might want to try:

Suggestion 1 - First of all clean the bleach damaged area with some lukewarm water and use kitchen towel to blot up as much of the moisture as possible.

Once the carpet is dry to touch go and grab a crayon from your child’s (or a neighbor’s child’s) are box. You need to get color which is a close to the original color of the carpet as possible, but a shade or two darker.

You then need to take the crayon and start coloring inside the bleach spot. Trying to cover every bleached carpet fiber. Work your way down into the carpet, but remain inside the boundary of the bleach spot.

Then take a clean, damp white towel and use that to rub the crayon colored area, which will then lighten it up. You may need to follow this process a couple of times to make sure each bleach spot has been covered with crayon, and then massaged into the carpet fibers with your damp cloth.

In the end the color match may not be absolutely perfect, but you can guarantee it will look a whole lot better than the bleach spot alternative.

Suggestion 2 - Develop a cleansing solution by blending a cup of lukewarm water and a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. As soon as the mix is ready, pour it into a container.

Now, add a small quantity of the soapy solution to the tarnished area. At this point it is very important to keep in mind that just a small quantity of the mix need to be applied, so add the cleaning agent sparingly.

Now, use a piece of fabric to blot the bleach discolorations. This will stop the bleach from bleeding further into the carpet

Next use clean water, without any kind of detergent and blot this onto the same area to try and remove as much of the soapy solution as possible. Now, utilize one more piece of toweling cloth to dry out the carpeti.

You then need to buy carpet dye as close to the original shade of your carpet as possible. Apply a small amount of it onto the afflicted location, and work it into the carpet fibers. A good option would be to use an eye or nasal dropper, to add the dye solution drop by drop. Be careful not to utilize too much of the dye or it may tarnish the area forever. You can always add more dye, but it’s impossible to remove too much.

Keep adding more drops to the stained area on the carpet and use a clean damp towel to blend it so the color matches the rest of the carpet. Now, await a while to let the carpets dry. Check to see if the color match is still there, or if you need to go back and darken the stain further. It’s always better to do this task slowly and to understain and add more, rather than vice versa.

Bleach spots can ruin the look of your carpets however the actions above can help you eliminate these blemishes. All you have to do is to follow these simple actions effectively. But if you don’t want to take all the corrective action yourself, you can always hire a carpet cleaning expert to get the job done

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