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Benefits and outcomes of the following scientific findings reveal that increasing interim maintenance frequencies as a part of a maintenance program extends the life cycle of carpet, enhances building image, extends restorative cycles 12 to 18 months, maintains a consistent appearance level, and improves the cleaning effect of periodic wet extraction.Scientific findingsA long-term soiling trial was performed for R.E. Whittaker Company by global cleaning authority Dr. Eric M. Brown, director and chief executive of Cleaning Research International Ltd. and author of five textbooks and numerous manuals concerning carpet maintenance.Brown’s test analyzes the effectiveness of cleaning chemicals and equipment by measuring the degree of cleanliness with accepted vacuuming and cleaning frequencies, such as daily vacuuming, interim cleaning, and deep cleaning, within given parameters.This third-party testing undeniably measured the benefits of using low-moisture interim maintenance.Each cycle of the test simulated carpet being soiled by approximately 10,000 footfalls with pre-measured dirt, residues and tracked-in matter that might typically make it a challenge to keep carpets clean.This accelerated soiling process was achieved by using a Kappasoil Soiling Machine, which meets criteria set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and applies the same types and amounts of soiling compounds in the same manner.Adhering to ISO standards is important to keep testing practices equal across the industry.The testing process began by applying the soil compound on new, clean carpet.The carpet was then vacuumed and the amount of soiling was measured using a Tristimulus Colorimeter, which measures the change in color between unsoiled carpet and the soiled carpet as expressed by ∆L.