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It can be daunting to figure out how to remove nail polish from carpet fibers. The challenge in removing nail polish from a carpet is not just that nail polish is often a bright spot on an otherwise dull carpet. Nail polish can spread if not treated correctly, making what would be a small stain much worse. Here are some tips to help you remove nail polish from your carpet.

You can try to use nail polish remover on a nail polish stain on a carpet. Before you do this, try doing a spot test. Pour a little bit of the nail polish remover on a portion of the carpet which isn't easily seen. Let it sit for awhile and then check to see if it is discolored. If you do use nail polish remover, keep in mind that it could take awhile and quite a bit of cloths to remove the nail polish from the carpet. At first the nail polish may make the stain worse. After you've applied the nail polish remover, try hand washing the area with a little liquid dish soap.

Another method for removing nail polish from the carpet is window cleaner. Window cleaner has been proven to be a highly effective technique for removing nail polish from the carpet. Spray a little window cleaner on the nail polish spot, let it sit, and then wash it using the liquid dish soap. Again, you should do a spot test before committing to using the window cleaner.

Keep in mind that in order to get a nail polish stain out of the carpet you will probably have to put a little elbow grease in to the removal process. Don't give up on the nail polish stain just because it seems to be running at first. If the carpet is white, don't be afraid to use a little bleach once you have done the majority of the stain removal. As with any other type of stain removal involving chemicals, do a spot test before you start pouring bleach onto the spot.

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