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There are several methods to clean a carpet. Factors considered to determine the right method to use depend on manufacturer’s recommendations, the type of carpet and what needs to be cleaned. If the wrong method is used consequences can result in irreparable damage. A professional carpet cleaning company has the expertise to satisfy the customer with a job done properly.
Cleaning Methods:

  • Dry-cleaning
  • Dry compound scrubbing
  • Steam cleaning extraction
  • Encapsulation instant deep cleaning
  • Spin-Bonnet
  • Wet shampoo


Dry cleaning relies on a very low moisture system using dry cleaning agents. For customers that require quick drying time, this would be the method to use. The method includes pretreatment of heavily soiled areas and is very well suited for commercial applications. Dry cleaning is conducted with the help of specialized machines that brush and agitates the entire carpet resulting in a thorough clean.

Dry compound

Dry compound cleaning involves using absorbent cleaning agents spread evenly over the carpet and scrubbed in. The carpet is then vacuumed removing the agent as well as dirt and grime attracted to the agent. The carpet is left clean, dry and ready to use.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is done via high pressure hot water extraction. Depending on whether the carpet is made from synthetic fibers, woolen or other natural fibers, the carpet is preconditioned with the right detergent-based solution and then brushed several times to rinse all the preconditioner and dirt. The carpet is treated with antistaining and antifungi agents. This method requires up to 24 hours drying.


The encapsulation cleaning method uses deep-cleaning compound crystals to dissolve and absorb dirt. The method creates dry residue that is immediately vacuumed. This cleaning option can be used in high-traffic areas. Advantages include rapid drying and improve carpet appearance. Encapsulation cleaning is well suited for commercial as well as residential applications.


The Bonnet method of carpet cleaning uses a mixture of cleaning agents and deposits them as mist onto the carpet. A buffer resembling a bonnet scrubs the carpet and attracts the dirt on spinning absorbent pads. This method requires some drying time and is not suited for deep carpet cleaning. Bonnet cleaning is excellent for water conservation since it uses small amounts of water.


Wet shampoo cleaning used to be the industry standard for carpet cleaning. With the advent of newer techniques, this option became less popular. The method involves rotary machines to scrub and shampoo the carpet. Wet shampoo by itself is not the optimum thing to, but in some applications and followed by steam cleaning, it can solve a particular challenging issue.

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