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Eventually everyone is in need of a professional carpet cleaning service. Even if you stain guard your carpet after installation, regularly vacuum and remove spots as they appear, your carpet will need an annual deep clean. While you can steam clean yourself, it can be an arduous task and, more importantly, it can be ineffective and even unsafe if done improperly. So with the regularity offered to window washing and gutter cleaning, it is always a good idea to call in a professional cleaning service to deep clean your carpets.

Dangers of a Bad Steam CleanWhen hiring a carpet cleaning service, or deciding whether you should do it yourself, it is always good to know the downside. This can include ruined padding or flooring, mold problems, and stained carpets. Proper drying is tricky, and professional carpet cleaning companies use industrial fans to dry carpets. These can be expensive to rent if you are doing it yourself. If you do not have access to this kind of equipment, be sure you have a good alternative or you will end up with mold problems that far exceed stained and dirty carpets. Mold and damage aside, the real danger in steam cleaning yourself, or hiring a sub-par company, is that some of the chemicals used in steam cleaning are hazardous to your lungs, can irritate skin and cause asthmatic reactions. Carpet cleaning service professionals wear masks, gloves, and, when using particular chemical products, ask residents to stay out of the house that night. This means that if you choose to do it yourself, do your research with extreme care.

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