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Why should you Have Carpet Cleaning Done Regularly

Carpet manufacturers recommend regular carpet cleaning. Not only will the carpet look better with accumulated stains, grit and allergens removed, but the carpet will last longer. New commercial cleaning methods are environmentally sound and create a healthier living environment.

Carpets accumulate dust mites, dirt, allergens, and bacteria. Over time, the air quality within a home will deteriorate if a carpet is not maintained. The new green cleaning technology actually encapsulates these home invaders and removes them from the carpet leaving behind a healthy environment.

Over time, foot traffic and muddy shoes will begin to break down the individual fibers within the carpet. Regular carpet cleaning in Spanish Fort, AL prevents the damage before it occurs. Once your carpet begins to show signs of wear, the damage may have already been done. By acting before the problem has time to develop, you can have clean, damage free carpeting for many years.

The importance of regular vacuuming between cleanings cannot be overstated. All carpeted areas should be vacuumed at least once of week. High traffic areas should be done more often. This will prevent the buildup of grit that will damage fibers.

When carpet is thick, it is best to vacuum slowly and to make multiple passes. It takes time to suction the ground-in dirt and dust. Use overlapping strokes in heavy traffic areas. Baking soda within the vacuum bag will help to prevent odors.

After a carpet has been cleaned, a soil retardant should be applied. This will protect the fibers between cleanings and help your carpet to stay pristine. Soil retardants should only be applied according to the manufacturer's recommendations and professional equipment should be employed.

Regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning will extend the lifetime of your carpet. It's a question of spending regular money for maintenance versus the expensive cost of carpet replacement.

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