Carpet Cleaning Health Benefits Foley, AL


We all like the look and feel of newly cleaned carpet. There is something so satisfying in the patterns left by the cleaners. And the way newly cleaned carpet feels between your toes…bliss.

But do you know all the health benefits you are bringing along with that feeling of satisfaction and cleanness? If you seldom clean the carpets because of a chaotic home life or tight budget, here are a few extra reasons to hire a carpet cleaner more often.

Carpet cleaning releases and removes deep-set dirt. Even if you vacuum regularly, over time, use will grind dirt particles (and other less desirables) deep into your carpet. A good cleaning will pull these out, removing germs and similar health hazards with them.

Carpet cleaning removes dust mites. Not only does your carpet become home to elements of the great outdoors, but your carpet can become a feeding ground for things that consume those things. Dust mites can take up residence in your home, causing issues with allergies.

Carpet cleaning removes mold spores and other pollutants. Again, no matter how good your vacuum is, over time, the very nature of carpet shows that it will trap unwanted guests. These can include mold spores (especially in humid climates), pollen, dander, and the list goes on. Carpet cleaning reaches deep and pulls these harmful home invaders from your carpet. Removing these elements can drastically improve living conditions for individuals with asthma or allergies.

Carpet cleaning helps purge germs. This can be especially helpful if your home has been a sick ward recently. The carpet cleaning process helps to kill any of these little pests that found their way to your carpet, thus eliminating one more source of contamination for the rest of the household.

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