Carpet Cleaning Services – Avoiding Unscrupulous Companies

Although the majority of carpet cleaning companies are well run and honest, there are still a few underhand firms out there who are out to make a fast dime – even if it means ripping off or misleading their customers. This article will supply a few helpful hints so you’re able to identify some of these firms and are well equipped to protect yourself against them.

I’m certain you have received those advertising brochures that local carpet cleaners have a tendency to send inside your free local newspaper. There always seems to be an offer on where you can get the carpets in 1 or 2 rooms cleaned at a ludicrously low cost, right? Well, as the saying goes -‘if it sounds too good to be true, then it sometimes is!’. The whole point of these unbelievable offers is to get the specific carpet cleaning company through your front door. Once inside the objective is to upsell you on the extras that you “need” to get the job done properly. It’s not unusual for these companies to suggest that you need to have a pre-conditioning treat, or a special pet proof carpet protection treatment, so as to raise your last bill. What you believed could be a $40 of $50 bill, has turned into something costing you hundreds of dollars, and left an unexpected hole in your bank account.

Now, upselling in itself isn’t a bad thing, and a lot of carpet cleaning companies will offer you additional services. In fact, you should probably expect them all to to do that, after all that is their job. What divides the good companies from the conmen is in the way the additional products are sold. Poor carpet cleaning companies will make an attempt to convince you that unless you buy the items they are advising then your carpets will be ruined beyond repair. And in the best scenario they’ll simple refuse to do the job at the publicized price and leave, if you turn down their professional advice and the ‘special’ treatments that they suggest.

So how does one recognize and avoid these tricks?

If the price on offer is ridiculously low, compared with other carpet cleaning companies in your neighborhood, then you need to avoid these companies altogether. If they were really charging these very low prices to everyone, then everybody would be biting their hands off, and as a consequence those firms would become insolvent pretty quickly, since their expenses could not be met if they were never making profit. Equipment costs, carpet cleaning supplies, marketing costs, and fuel costs all add up and have to be paid for.

Second, if you get a coupon be certain to review the fine print. Make sure there aren’t any well concealed conditions that you should be mindful of. Call the company and ask before they come to your home if there are additional services or products that must be bought to be qualify for the special offer. Ask whether there is a minimum room size required for you to participate in the deal. If your plan is to only have one or two rooms cleaned, then let them know that up front and give them the opportunity to back out, if their intention is to try to get you clean the carpets in the whole of the house..

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