Carpet Cleaning Tips Daphne AL

What you can do

When purchasing floor coverings, look for carpets with the Green Label Plus Certification certifying that the carpet has passed independent laboratory tests for emissions from thirteen notorious chemicals. Try to choose floor coverings made from natural fibers. Commonly available options include wool, sisal and hemp. Hemp has the advantage of being resistant to mold and mildew so hemp rugs can be used in the bathroom or in other areas subject to moisture. Other natural floor coverings include rugs made from corn stalks and leaves, sea grass, jute and coir (coconut-husk fiber).After you purchase your natural floor covering, use non-toxic products to keep it clean. You can purchase a cleaning product from an eco-friendly company or make your own environmentally friendly cleaner. Try filling a spray bottle with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water and apply this to the carpet. White vinegar eliminates most odors and is also effective against many types of carpet stains.Experts recommend vacuuming with a well sealed high quality HEPA Vacuum Cleaner. Clean the vacuum bag frequently. Also, steam cleaning your carpet kills dust mites and bacteria. You might also want to try having a shoe-free house so that carpet remains cleaner. If this is not a possibility, make sure you have a good doormat to absorb dirt and bacteria on people's CitruSolution 251-621-6880

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