Carpet Cleaning Tips Foley, AL

Tip 4The proper use of entrance will greatly help toclean off people’s shoes and keep most of thetracked soils off the surface of the carpet. Youshould always use entrance mats outside of yourdoors and make sure that anyone who enters yourhome use the mats to help get debris and dirt offof their shoes before they enter. You can alsotake off your shoes and request that guests do thesame, prior to entering your home.Around 80% of the soils that enter a building orhome are dry. The remaining 20% are greases, oils,and starches. The dry soil types are easilyremoved by vacuuming. As long as they are removedon a daily basis, it will help to minimize thedamage to the carpet.Maintaining and keeping a clean carpet is more thanjust healthy, as it can also help to prolong thelife of the carpet. If you have just laid thecarpet, you are already aware of the expensesinvolved with doing so.Even if you haven’t had this done, you probablyknow the benefits of keeping a clean carpet. Aclean carpet will add value to the home if it ismaintained well. It will also help to keep thehome free from odors as well. Also, it will helpto make a comfortable living area for your friendsand your family. 

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