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Preserving Carpeting from Needing Replaced

There are lots of reasons how carpeting can be beneficial to a home. Carpeting is an alternative to wood floors and comes in different styles and varieties. Many people prefer carpeting over other flooring designs. The longevity of carpeting all depends on the maintenance and TLC that it put into it.

Carpeting is an options for many homeowners as it provides a safe and comfortable flooring area to walk and relax on, but there is a lot of time that one needs to put into their carpeting in order to make it last longer without the need for replacement.

There are several ways in which to keep carpeting clean:

  • Professional shampooing
  • Vacuuming
  • Remove spills immediately

Professional carpet cleaning should at least be done once a year or possibly more due to the age of the carpeting. Professional services will bring out that like- new look to the carpeting and also make it feel and look cleaner.

Vacuuming once per week is adequate for low traffic areas of the home, but in areas that see a lot of traffic, bedrooms, living rooms, dens, and others should be vacuumed more than once per week. Many people are not aware of the damage that wearing shoes on the carpeting causes.

Another way to ensure that the carpeting won't need to be replaced prematurely is by removing spills immediately. Once a spill sets in, it sinks into the carpeting leaving behind permanent stains. The longer that a spill sits; the harder it is to get out.

Carpet stains come from a variety of sources. In order to maintain carpeting and remove stain effectively, one must be aware of the certain stains and how to remove them. The most common stains on carpeting are:

  • Coffee
  • Juice
  • Chocolate
  • Nail polish

Some stains such as chocolate and nail polish are a lot tougher to get up than others. These stains may require professional assistance. Getting to them fast could save the life of the carpeting. Professional carpet cleaners can be found in almost every city.

Safety is a reason why many people turn to carpeting. The soft surface is great for families with children and seniors that are prone to falling. The cushioning underneath produces additional padding and prevents hard slip & fall accidents.

Carpeting can be an option for homeowners that have lots of traffic in and out of their homes. Wood is loud when it's walked on. Carpeting stifles noise and reduces echoes by absorbing the impact of the foot traffic, soaking up room sounds, and blocking sound from carrying in-between floors.

Carpeting typically costs less than other flooring types. Marble, tile, and hardwoods tend to be more expensive in craftsmanship and labor. Carpet installation is more reasonable because carpeting comes in one big roll that is cut to accommodate rooms of a home.

Pet odors are something that plague carpeting. Many people tend to pour fragrant powders onto them and vacuum thinking they are eliminating the odor and stain(s). Some carpet powders sink into the fibers making it hard to get all of it cleaned.

Only professional carpeting services can get power and hard stains from carpeting. Getting to pets stains as soon as they happen can eliminate foul odors and prevent the stain from sinking into the fibers. Using something to neutralize the stain will take it out while awaiting professional cleaners.

Always avoid giving children foods, drinks, and activities that stain carpeting. Some foods have stronger dye content in them which will stain a carpet easily. The same goes with certain drinks especially punch and grape juices.

Activities for the kids like finger painting should be done on surfaces that are easy to clean such as the garage or basement. Those floors do not require as much maintenance and paints can be wiped up using only a paper towel.

Lighter shades of carpeting should only be used in low traffic areas. Bedrooms can also be a place where lighter carpeting is installed. Living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and play rooms should always have darker carpeting due to the amount of foot traffic.

Carpeting that is taken care of will last forever. There are certain techniques to learn in order to preserve it. Through professional cleaning, regularly scheduled vacuuming, and getting to spills when they happen will make carpeting longer lasting.

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