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When you decide to have your carpets cleaned, you might consider doing the job yourself using a rental machine from your local supermarket, rather than paying more for a professional company to do the work. But what’s the difference between using a rental machine and hiring a professional carpet cleaning company?

Rental machines

Rental machines simply do not compare with those used by professional carpet cleaning firms. They are underpowered and not particularly effective. This means that your carpets will be left wet and may shrink or become discoloured.

The chemicals supplied to be used with rental machines are cheap and cheerful, failing to shift stains and even damaging your carpets.

The professional cleaning process

A professional carpet cleaning firm will have paid thousands for their equipment and will employ highly-trained, competent staff. This means that you can expect a high-quality job for the price you pay. So what can you expect from the cleaning process?

1. The company will carry out a pre-inspection of your carpets. This process entails identifying the fibre and construction of the carpets, and the identification of any existing stains.

2. On the day of the job, operatives will move any large items of furniture for you as necessary.

3. Your carpets will be surface-cleaned with a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner.

4. In areas of heavy traffic, a special pre-conditioning agent is applied to help break down heavy soiling. Any individual stains are treated with the correct chemicals to ensure that they are removed completely.

5. Your carpets are steam-cleaned using a top-spec, super-powerful carpet cleaning machine. This machine removes all the dirt, allergens and stains from your carpets, whilst simultaneously sucking out any moisture, thus avoiding over-wetting.

6. A thorough inspection will follow where any stubborn stains are treated again with powerful, specialist products.

7. Your carpets are then groomed with a professional grooming tool. Grooming not only helps the carpet to dry, it also lifts the carpet pile, leaving your carpets looking fluffy and as good as new.

8. A final inspection will be carried out to ensure that you are happy with the work. If required, a stain protector treatment will be applied.

In conclusion

As you can see, there really is no comparison between having your carpets professionally cleaned and doing the job yourself using a cheap, rental machine!

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