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Cleaning High Value Carpeting

Whether it is a pad in Manhattan or a crib in the Palm Beaches, the likelihood of having expensive carpeting throughout the place is mostly certain. As one is welcome into the home, the first experience one gets is the wall to wall luxury beauty that lays ahead for you to walk on. The carpets are so pristine, so clean, and so supple, and in deference to your host, you question yourself if you’re supposed to take your shoes off and leave them outside in the porch. A sight of relief is when you look back at your steps to gladly notice you didn’t track any dirt behind you. The carpets could be white as snow, silk silky soft, or thick and breathtaking. In amazement a thought comes to mind and you wonder, how the heck do they keep the carpets so clean?

A sensible tip for cleaning expensive carpets and rugs is to leave the job to the professionals. There are so many things that could injure a carpet if the wrong carpet cleaning method is used. Yes, finding a well recommended carpet cleaner is the preferred way of doing things properly. The importance of carpets to a home’s decor cannot be minimized. Having expensive carpeting is a lifetime investment. Every cent that was spent in acquiring the carpeting is worth it. Not only it complements the home’s luxuriant way of living but in a physical sense it adds to its value as well. There are few things to keep in mind.

Determining the type of carpet you have goes a long way in choosing the correct cleaning strategy. There are woven carpets, like for wool and silk, there are tufted carpets, like most of the carpets offered today, and then there are the needle felt carpets; this are mostly for commercial use. The most expensive carpets are the woven type.

High value carpets, like the woven type, absorb water and are least resistant to stains. This means water based cleaning methods can have a detrimental effect on the carpet. Wet shampooing the carpet is out of the question. Carpet fabrics can fade and shrink, or stiffen. That would ruin the carpet. Some heat based cleaning methods can also cause irreparable damage. So, what to do?

First of all, even though cleaning expensive carpeting can seem to be quite a challenge, not all is difficult. With the correct cleaning method, even the most stubborn stain or dirt can be removed without any effect to the carpet. A reputable carpet cleaning company knows what to do.

Remember, the biggest enemy to a carpet’s condition is dirt, every day dirt. Dirt accumulates on the carpet daily; it digs deep into the carpet. Every time you walk on it, you deposit dirt particles onto your beautiful carpet. Dirt is abrasive, and when you walk on the accumulated dirt, you are actually grinding your own carpet. Over time, little by little, the carpet deteriorates, and no amount of cleaning will be able to restore the carpet to its original condition.

Now, second, the cleaning method needs to be customized to the particular carpet. Usually manufacturer’s recommendations are the smartest way to go. However, a professional carpet cleaner may very well recommend additional methods. The name of the game is to remove spills and dirt quickly.

One more thing to worry about, the carpet cleaning method needs to conform to industry standards and good practices. Green carpet cleaning is essential. The chemicals and agents used to clean carpets cannot add to a problem. Residuals left on the carpeting can result in aggravating allergies, affecting your family and pet’s health, and causing long term damage to the carpet. The cleaning method needs to be a natural one, green certified, good for the environment and safe to people and animals.

Dirt is tracked into your home in many ways, not only by your shoes. Opening up your home to ocean vistas, or mountain panoramas, undoubtedly welcomes particles wafted in through the open windows. They all settle on the carpeting and if not removed on a regular basis, they become a problem, stealth at the beginning; for instance sea spray or pollens.

Whether you live in the city or the country, pollutants can cause havoc on your carpets. Dirt can also include every day nuisances: cooking vapors, tobacco smoke, coffee or soda spills, food, hair, and dander. Allergy causing contaminants can have a way with your carpets too: insecticides, microbes, viruses, fungi, dust and mildew, to name a few. Vacuuming dirt on a regular basis can help protect the carpet’ beauty and longevity, it is not uncommon to vacuum carpeting daily. Doing your part in keeping your carpets clean can help the professional carpet cleaner to do their job more effectively and less worrisome to you.

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