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Drapery cleaning improves indoor air quality

Are you looking for a good carpet cleaner to clean your draperies? Do your draperies look drab in need of perking up? Perhaps they show unattractive spots and stains? Before calling anyone, there are a few things to consider in getting the job done right.

Drapes, Curtains and Blinds are part of a home’s decorative ambiance. Draperies improve the beauty of all living spaces providing the home with privacy, added insulation, and reducing sound noise. With regular cleaning maintenance, draperies can last for years. The cost of replacing draperies can be substantial, but the cost of cleaning draperies is but a small fraction. The best way to protect your investment is by getting your draperies cleaned professionally.

Over time draperies can get very dirty affecting indoor air quality. Drapery fabrics attract all sorts of pollutants, such as pet dander, smoke and cooking odors, dust and allergens and even insects and germs. It has been shown that draperies serve as an excellent ground for mites and infectious bacteria and viruses. It is also common to see the effects of roaches and spiders hidden in the folds of draperies. Yes, dirty draperies can cause health problems.

How often should draperies be cleaned?  Many factors go into developing a cleaning schedule. One thing is for sure, draperies definitely need to be cleaned. Organizations such as the Lung Association warn that dust and allergens contribute to breathing problems. They say regular cleaning is a must. So, how often is often?

Developing a smart drapery cleaning schedule depends on two factors. First, does anyone in the home suffer from allergies, second, how busy is the traffic in the living spaces. Industry standards recommend that draperies be deep cleaned once a year if allergies are involved and as long as once every 3 years for homes without pets or smokers. In between, home owners are encouraged to vacuum their draperies when conducting regular home chores.

 The methods used to clean draperies are friendly to the environment and safe to humans.  Natural products are used to handle the most challenging jobs. Indoor air quality improves significantly. The home is left smelling clean and fresh.

    No dangerous products
    No residuals
    No allergens
    No fading
    No discoloration
    No shrinkage

Draperies are made in all sorts of ways. The textiles used to manufacture draperies range from manmade materials to natural fibers. Establishing the correct drapery cleaning method to use is of prime importance; making a mistake in choosing the wrong method could result in conditions to worsen or even damaging the drapery. In addition, draperies that have tassels or fringes require special cleaning attention. Not all draperies should be taken to the dry cleaners or be subject to a one way cleaning process. Draperies can shrink or shrivel or loose color. Green Carpet Cleaners has the expertise to offer the correct method to clean any drapery

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