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Homeowners in Atlanta, GA who are in need of carpet cleaning should be aware that the type of carpet they have will make a difference in the type of cleaning they need. The following list of carpet types is not comprehensive, but will help you to determine the type of carpet you have. It is then necessary to find a carpet cleaning in Atlanta, GA that works with that type of carpet.

Woven carpet – This high quality carpet is made on a loom. A woven carpet can be made to have patterns or designs with multiple color yarns.

Cut and Loop Piles - Medium durability cut and loop pile carpets are available in solid or multiple colors. The multiple layers in this type of carpet make it easy to hide dirt and footprints.

Saxony - Made from tightly twisted cut piles, Saxony carpet is characterized by its soft texture and is known to show footprints and vacuum cleaner marks.

Textured Saxony – One of the best selling types of carpet, textured Saxony combines medium durability with a soft feel. Most textured Saxony carpets have a multi-colored look that hides dirt, as well as footprints.

Plush or Velvet Carpet – This type of carpet is characterized by its soft luxurious appearance and is most often seen in formal areas. Plush or velvet carpet offers a uniform color appearance.

Frieze – Best for high traffic areas, Friezes are made from a highly twisted cut pile, with short fibers that move in all directions to hide footprints and vacuum cleaner marks.

Since different types of carpet require different cleaning methods, identifying carpet types will ensure that the right carpet cleaning company in Atlanta, GA is hired. Hiring a carpet cleaning company in Atlanta, GA that specializes in your type of carpet will ensure a better cleaning job. 
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