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Cheap Carpet Cleaning vs. Good Carpet Cleaning

What is the first question you ask when calling prospective carpet cleaning companies?  If you’re like most people, it’s, “How much do you charge?”  Though this is certainly an important question, is it the most important question to ask?

When deciding what restaurant to select for a dinner reservation, most people don’t ask, “How much do you charge?”  Most people would first consider the menu, location and value.

The same applies for nearly all purchases, big and small.  So the question then becomes, what is most important?  Price or value?  With practically anything you buy, you can always find a cheap price.  But is it the best value?

Back to the restaurant example for a minute.  Would you go to a restaurant that offered a 4 course dinner for $9.99?  Most people would balk at the thought.  And if you were to go there, would you be surprised if the quality and service were poor?

Yet many people don’t give it a thought when selecting carpet cleaning.  For some reason they expect top notice quality and service at the cheapest price.  There really are no free lunches.

As we often say, “You can have it done good, or you can have it done cheap.  But you can’t have it done good and cheap!”

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