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Carpet Accident Cleaning Tips     

The sooner you handle a carpet accident, the better the outcome will be. There is no time to waste when faced with an accidental spill or someone drops something on your precious carpet. The last thing you want is for the stain to dry out or worse yet, penetrate into the carpet. Even though professional carpet cleaning experts can extract just about any stain, it would be so much easier if you can tackle the original spill. Here are some tips of what you can do before calling in the professionals.

When dealing with a carpet accident keep in mind some basic essentials:

1. Don’t waste any time, get on it.

2. Remove as much as possible of the foreign matter, do not rub.

3. Use white paper towels or cotton cloths to absorb the spillage, dab and dab and dab.

4. You want to contain the spillage not spread it, clean from the outside edges in.

5. Use the suds from a mild detergent water mix to dilute the stain.

6. Repeat if necessary.

7. If stain is not gone to your satisfaction, call a professional carpet cleaning company.

8. Cover stain with moist clothes until the carpet cleaning technician gets there.

9. Under no circumstances use chemicals to clean your own carpet. Bleach and solvents can have a detrimental and permanent effect on your carpet. Some chemicals can even cause allergic reaction to a person or pets. Look for carpet cleaning products that are certified green and safe to the environment and people.

Some initial steps to take for removing common carpet stains:

Gum: Use ice cubes on the gum. The gum will harden and become easier to remove.

Coffee: Use white paper towels to absorb as much as possible the coffee. Afterwards use a mild soap solution and dab. Repeat until stain is gone.

Glue: Depends on what type of glue it is. Remove as much as possible, then use a vinegar or alcohol moistened towel and dab.

Grease: Scrape off as much as possible. Use a clean cloth and mild detergent, dab. Do not use any type of solvent.

Ink: Use hairspray on the stain, wait a couple of hours and brush the stain away with a water vinegar solution.

Nail varnish: Scrape as much as possible. Use white paper towels or white cotton cloth along with some acetone. Continue to dab until all varnish is removed. Use some mild detergent to wash the spot away.

Paint: Depends on the paint, whether it is latex or petroleum based. Scrap off paint as much as possible. If latex, use a mild water and detergent solution to dab the staining. If non-latex, use a mild water ammonia solution and dab. Afterwards use a mild vinegar solution to remove any sign of remaining stain.

Urine: Use white paper towels or white cloth to absorb as much urine as possible. Use a solution of water and vinegar, wipe spot. Do not let urine dry, this will make it very hard to remove since the urine will harden into the fibers and settle down into the carpet; only a professional carpet cleaner has the tools necessary to successfully lift the carpet and treat the problem.

Wax: Place white paper towels on the wax stain. Run a warm iron on the towels. This action will soften the wax enabling the wax to be liquid enough to be absorbed into the paper. Repeat the process until all wax is gone by replacing the paper towels often.

Wine: Use white paper towels or cloth towels to remove as much wine as possible. Sprinkle table salt onto the wine stain. Salt will absorb the wine. Dab away the salt with mild detergent solution. Do not soak the carpet with water. Use only moist towels, not soaking wet. Repeat as necessary until stain is gone.


• Not all home carpet cleaning remedies are successful in treating all possible carpet stains.

• If stains are not gone to your satisfaction, cover the stain with a moist towel and call a professional carpet cleaner immediately.

• For maximum satisfaction, make sure your carpet cleaning professional makes use of green certified cleaning substances. The use of green products is an assurance that the products will be safe to the environment and to people.

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