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Tipping candle wax on a carpet can at first be an overwhelming experience, but if this happens there’s no need to panic. Removing candle wax from a carpet can be a pretty easy task, and can be done in next to know time, as long as you carry out the correct procedures.


Candles can be made from various substances such as paraffin, however beeswax, soy, animal fat and numerous kinds of gels. An usual characteristic of candle was though, is that this liquid residue from burning candles will harden quickly when cooled and therefore needs special efforts to be removed from tricky and uneven surfaces such as rugs and carpets.

Before attempting to remove wax from carpets you need to let it harden. If you want to speed up this process you can use ice to cool it down so the hardening process can begin. If the spill is fresh, never attempt to remove the candle wax while it is still a liquid. You are likely to do more harm than good.

Next scrape off as much of the hardened wax as you can, utilizing a spatula or dull knife or spoon. Be careful to not tear or damage the carpet fibers in any way.

Once you have removed as much of the wax as possible you need to place folded paper towels, at least 1/8th of an inch thick, over the wax residue.

Next heat up an electric iron to the wool setting. It’s important that the iron is not to hot so you reduce the potential to scorch your carpet.

Place the heated iron on top of the folded paper towels (or other absorbent product) that you have placed over the wax, and glide it back and forth. This will then melt the wax again and draw it up into the absorbent paper towels). You will most likely need to keep adjusting the material so that an unused piece is being used to absorb the wax. The last thing you want is to push the absorbed wax back down into the carpet.

After the wax is removed, blot the area repetitively with a clean white towel to eliminate any soluble residue that may be left in the carpet. Finally spray the spot with clean fresh water and blot it out with a clean white cotton towel, until no more wax stains are being pulled up.

Finally you might want to give your carpet a thorough cleaning and then use a wet-vac or something similar to thoroughly dry the carpet before walking on it again.

If after all this the wax stain has not been removed, you may need to employ the services of a professional carpet cleaning company to manage this task for you.

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