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Carpet Cleaning Tip on How to Clean Up a Food Spill

In my previous article I wrote an article about how to clean up a food spill on your carpet by picking up the spill with a spoon or by your hands. I also said not to pick up the food spill with a towel because you run the risk of making the food spill larger by smearing it.

After you pick up the food spill off your carpet you need to rinse your carpet with water. To rinse your carpet with water use a spray bottle (spritzer). Most of the sticky residue can be removed by water. Do not over wet your carpet. Water should not go into your padding. If you over saturate your carpet to where the water goes into your padding the padding will take a very long time to dry and it can cause mold which you do not want.

OK now I will get into using an over the counter cleaner from places like Home Depot and Ace Hardware. You can go to Home Depot or Ace Hardware in their carpet cleaning section and look through their stain removers. Resolve is a good stain remover. A lot of the spotters say its a no rinse spotter but you should still rinse it with water and blot.

The reason you want to rinse with water is because soil will stick to the stain remover that's in your carpet. You will notice it a couple of weeks after you cleaned your carpet the spot will become dark because the soil will stick to the stain remover. So use the spotter after you cleaned up the food spill and rinsed with water. Put the solution on the stain and blot by using a white towel. You blot by taking the towel and pushing the towel straight down hold for a few seconds and lift don't rub. The stain should be transferring to the white towel. Once the stain stops transferring to the towel, rinse with water and blot.

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