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Carpet wrinkles are fairly common after a carpet cleaning service, or even after a do-it-yourself cleaning. In most cases, your carpet will retain its shape once it is completely dry. The reason for the wrinkling in the first place could be due to the backing or padding which is under the carpet. The materials used in the padding swell when wet, thus causing uneven ripples or wrinkles in the carpet as it dries. Usually, when these wrinkles are present, it is due to uneven drying of the material under the carpet. Some parts may still be heavy with water, while others are nearly dry. This uneven drying causes the appearance of these wrinkles or ripples. Just be patient and wait until your carpet dries completely.

If possible, you can turn fans on high in the carpeted rooms. This will help the carpets to dry more quickly and there will be less chance of odors in the carpet from it taking too long to dry. This is especially useful if the humidity in your home is high, which could delay drying time for 24 hours or more!

In some cases, improper carpet cleaning can cause older carpets to become damaged. This could also produce wrinkles, of which some may be permanent. The threading in the carpeting itself could be wearing thin, and the padding underneath could be degrading. If that is the case, either the carpet would need to be replaced, or you may be able to find a professional who can repair it. They will inject a type of glue under the carpet where the padding is worn out and they may also be able to repair the threading in the carpet, if necessary. In some cases, the padding alone can be replaced and the carpet could be reused.

There are also those who can stretch your carpet to remove the wrinkles, or perhaps you can do it yourself. Just be sure that either you, or whatever professional you hire knows what he is doing. Likewise, the carpet cleaner who actually did the cleaning should also be knowledgeable about what they are doing. Sometimes, carpets become damaged by people who know little about carpet cleaning methods, based on the different carpet materials. Different materials require different methods of care, and if your carpet cleaning "professional" does not know that, you should seek a true professional that does.

If your carpet is in fairly good condition and shows wrinkles after cleaning, don't panic. As mentioned above, this is probably only a temporary condition which will be corrected when carpet is completely dry. Just give it a fair amount of time and your carpet should end up looking as good as new.

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